About Shining Star Chassis

Shining Star Chassis (SSC) started with Mark Soliman’s vision of the fastest 4×4 Short Course (SC) truck. As a youngster racing a Kyosho Optima (4wd 1:10th buggy) in the ‘80’s Mark quickly learned that the fastest 4wd transmission system is a single shaft. This ‘ole lesson allowed Mark to see the Traxxas Slash 4×4 as the fastest SC truck on the market at a time fellow RC racers were seeking LCG trucks. With the foundation of arguably the most durable and high performance suspension and drivetrain, Mark designed and developed a 6061 Aluminum LCG chassis kit that completes the package.

The SSC-LCG Slash 4×4 kit has an industry first staggered (2-unique pieces) center differential and motor mount to divert motor heat away from the center differential and into the bottom plate. Up to a 30- degree drop in motor temps have been reported by SSC’rs. Another industry first SSC offers is breaking free of straight line plates and angling the top plate for the lightest top plate design. Angled structures not only offer more strength, it allows for a direct connection between the top plate and front gearbox. The front a-arm blocks reinforce the bottom pan kickup and all arm blocks match stock dimensions. The only thing left for the Slash 4×4 was to increase it’s wheelbase from 12.75” up to 13.1”. SSC achieved this with yet another industry first introduction of rear extend-a-base a-arms.

SSC’s products are designed solely to decrease your lap times and increase bashing capabilities all while decreasing down-time. Mark Soliman races each SSC product developed, realizing the performance gains sought every weekend possible. When it’s time to raise the bar on your Short Course Racing and Bashing experience, we’ll be here ready to serve up what we’re enjoying too.

Mark Soliman – Founder

What can SSC do for you?

Shining Star strives to make your customer experience one of a kind. We value our customers and want you to feel comfortable purchasing and racing our products. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose our products.



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decrease your lap times and increase bashing capabilities all while decreasing down-time